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As an architectural designer, it is important to take a few steps back and reflect on the change you have undergone, as it has a direct influence on your design style and language. By sharing this summary, I hope that we can grow together in understanding each other as well as the story of CF Architects.

Upon the completion of my Bachelors of Architecture Degree in 2012, I planned the direction that I wanted my career to take – To turn every house into a living piece of art by, being the best residential architectural designer I could be. I started my career along the cosy Garden Route and most of my work consisted of additions or renovations in the likes of Jeffrey’s Bay and St.Francis Bay. It was at this stage that I encountered the juxtaposition of two elements: 1)  Beautiful Design with a high bill to fit and 2)  Pure function void of any design as to fit the lowest bill possible.

It has since been my work to do my utmost to marry these two opposites through the application of innovative structural design, great space planning and appropriate landscaping.

Since relocating to Sandton, Johannesburg in 2016, I have had the wonderful opportunity to evolve my design language and process by learning how to express the marriage of Old and New. Why Old and new you may ask? Well, many Homes in the city are existing and some owners would like to highlight what they love, renovate and update that which they do not; and make tasteful additions to their existing homes. 

Now we have reached a new decade, 2020, and another opportunity for evolution and rebirth is taking place.  Love yourself and remember that your home is your safe space, your resting place, your castle. Allow us to turn your home into a sanctuary for your soul.

A home should be a beautiful canvas to be filled with your personal stories ~ Curtis Fleur.


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